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One way BRIDGE invests the proceeds from donations and fundraisers is by monetarily supporting high school students in the community. BRIDGE provides grants that bring great ideas and plans to life. 

  • Student grants can help students prepare for life beyond high school (i.e. tools needed to start a career in the trades, apprentice program fees/college application fees, entrepreneurship,  etc...). 

Funding for all grants are made possible by monetary donations made to BRIDGE, and by the proceeds from our fundraisers.  Types of grants and monetary amounts are allocated during the summer of the upcoming school year.  Students should check this webpage to find what grant(s) are available as well as the application open/close dates and eligibility. 

Trades Grant
Application Open
Feb. 1-April 1, 2024
See the details below and
the link to apply.



Eligibility for the 2023-2024 School Year Grant:

  • Applicants must be high school graduates from the class of 2023-2024 residing in Washington, IL.

  • Intending to pursue a career in the trades, which include but are not limited to cosmetology, culinary, mechanical, and construction trades.

Grant Allocation:

  • Grants are awarded based solely on eligibility and need, without consideration of race, age, creed, gender, or national origin.

  • Funds will be allocated toward essential materials for the chosen trade, such as tools, uniforms, culinary equipment, and more.

  • Once all available funds are disbursed, the grant program for this school year will close.

Application Process:

  • Physical applications are available at the WCHS Counseling Office.

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