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What Can The Washington BRIDGE Education Foundation Provide?

 BRIDGE directors continue to communicate with school administrators, faculty/staff, students and members of the community in order to discover how the education foundation can be most beneficial. As the funding grows, BRIDGE's ability to be a community resource and make an impact on educational enhancements will also grow. 

What Are Some Possibilities? 

Schools/school districts all over the US have educational foundations, and right here in Central IL there are many that have been in place for 25+ years. BRIDGE looks to these other successful, self-sustaining, 501 (c)(3), non-profit foundations for guidance. Below are just a handful of examples of what educational experiences can come by way of a foundation*. 

 Business/Journalism/CS Department

  • Studio equipment for hosting student-lead podcasts
  • Coding Takes Flight – Using Drones in Computer Science

Science/Social Science Department

  • Bio-engineering Brain-Machine Interface and Neuroscience Unit
  • Sustainable school garden
  • Greenhouse**
  • Abnormal Psychology Case Study Kits

Industrial Arts

  • Tools/equipment/machinery
  • Community business connections for hands-on experience in the trades

Math Department

  • Full STEAM Ahead with Sphero – Putting Math into Motion
  • Alg 2-In Business


  • 'Pop-up shop' for students to learn to run a business or sell a product

Mental Health/Counseling Deptartment

  • Provide funding for service animals and/or art therapy
  • Guest speakers

Art Department

  • Studio photography equipment
  • Artist visits

English Department

  • Student literacy/art journal
  • Diversity library


  • Student grants for those who need aid for application fees 
  • Virtual Reality devices + 700 virtual experiences
  • Rockclimbing wall
  • Pedaling to Success/Find Your Own Fitness
  • Culinary Program
  • Sensory room items for Life Skills program
  • Dyslexia Tool Kits

Education Foundations Can Help Provide 

Experiences Beyond The Classroom...

  • Mentorships (former students providing advice for different career paths)
  • Career Fairs (8th graders stepping-up/Freshman/Soph)
  • After-school program to learn about managing finances as a young adult

*BRIDGE uses applications and rubrics to decipher placement of funds.

**Normal Community High School via Beyond The Books Education Foundation

Making a (Green)house a Home

The goal of this grant is to provide a functional space that can be used by all students enrolled in the agroscience program over time (approximately 275 per school year). This project will have direct impact on the achievement of students in agroscience programs in various ways, including: access to a laboratory space, real-world experience in creating a business plan, marketing, sales, and financial statements, and to experience learned concepts of animal health and nutrition through a pig from the agroscience teacher's farm. 

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