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Our Story


We benefit WCHS students, as well as other high school aged students through funding of grants, projects, programs, and educational activities to help bridge students beyond secondary education. 


We invest in our community by building, recognizing, informing, developing, growing and educating students to help bridge students beyond their secondary education.

What is BRIDGE's Relationship With School?

The Washington BRIDGE Education Foundation is not a division of any district or Board of Education in Washington, IL. BRIDGE is composed of private citizens who volunteer their time and are committed to putting in place a long-term, self-sustaining financial base that will annually fund innovative academic opportunities in our community. While not a division of any district or Board of Education, a positive, open and working communication exists, and will continue to grow between the Washington BRIDGE Education Foundation and our community’s districts.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin


BRIDGE is the proud recipient of the following grants:

St. Mark's Luthern Church (Washington, IL) Mission Endowment Grant (Winter 2022, 2021)

City of Washington Tourism Grant (Paint The Path/Summer 2022, 2023)

Community Foundation of Central Illinois Local Job Funds Grant (Fall 2023)

Washington BRIDGE 

Education Foundation 

EIN: 81-1922341

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